ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playin’ in Paisley

Paisley is a classic print that was extremely popular throughout the ’60s for its psychedelic flair. It was worn by tons of fashion icons and celebrities such as The Beatles and Mick Jagger. This Fashionista put her own feminine twist on this funky print, taking it from a vintage staple to a modern muse.

What I found to be the most striking element in this look was the rich, deep shades of the paisley print contrasting against the stark white tint of her overalls. She purchased this blouse at the local thrift shop in town, which she said she visits frequently. This groovy shirt has brassy, gold buttons that complement her pearly earrings; this Fashionista claims they are the one accessory she cannot leave the house without.

Her overalls overflowed with tiny details that brought this outfit up a notch, like the crisscross of the straps in the back. This was a neat detail she added to her look when she styled the outfit, and I found it to be rather innovative. These overalls also had slight distressing around the knee and a very subtle floral design that she coordinated with the paisley motif. This Fashionista also paired her suede booties seamlessly with her shirt, creating harmony within her outfit.

The next time you Fashionistas head to the thrift shop to scour the racks for treasures, keep your eyes peeled for some paisley. There are endless ways to transcend this antiquated pattern and give it a chic, modern look, just like this Fashionista did.

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