Diary of a Broke Girl: How to Chea(P)T Your Way to the Top of the Latest Trends

Scrolling through my Pinterest and Instagram feed, seeing all the latest trends, automatically triggers the small and very persuasive voice inside my head to buy whatever I see—sending my already hurting pocket book plummeting into a pit of regret. But at least I’ll be a cute broke girl, right? For my Fashionistas out there, you know the pain. So, what if I told you there’s a way to get those looks you’re so dying to rock with prices that are so good it will leave you shook to the core? Check out these looks inspired by my favorite street trends!

1. Vintage meets Millennial 

With authentic vintage style bouncing back into everyone’s closets, the best way to save your “cash monay” and stay on trend is by hitting up your local thrift store. Throw a colorful peter pan collared sleeveless blouse with some frayed high-waisted mom jeans along with some white platform sandals and the perfect 70s’ vibe summer outfit is ready to go. With this complete look you are all set to strut the streets (and yes I mean strut—those platforms make quite the impression!)

2. Sweet meets Street

Browsing around the Salvation Army, I just so happened to run into the most rad Adidas windbreaker. Pair that with a simple white tank tied up as a crop top, a grey sweatpant-like pencil skirt (for that girlie flair) and a pair of cute sneakers. With these essentials, I put together a comfortable street style and on-the-go look, great for rainy day errands or a simple outfit to wear out to lunch with the girls.

3. Classy meets comfy 

Okay, we all know the phrase “No pants, No problem” but when it’s socially unacceptable to walk into the movies without pants on, what do you do? When in doubt, flow it out. These flowy ribbed capris are the perfect alternative to achieve that feeling of freedom, and are an easy find at your local thrift store. Pair these comfy pants with a classic ruffled crop top. Throw in some black patent leather platform oxfords for the wow factor! Then accessorize it with your favorite choker and bag to hide your goodies and, voilà—you have the ideal date night look fit for a show.  

Put your favorite trends and styling abilities to the test and show us your thrifted and affordable looks on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista !

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