TREND: Dreaming in Color

As we drink down the last dregs of icy winter, here comes a reminder that Spring is nigh. This sophomore Fashionista was spotted walking by a construction site at Cornel lin a riot of color and print. She elegantly balanced her petite curves with a defined waist and a short skirt. From afar it looks as though she paired a simple cream blouse with a red floral skirt. But not so.

The top, which she bought in India, is a abloom and ablaze with all matter of flora, fauna, and Victoriana. There are even hidden toy soldiers in the mix, which are dear to her because her father deals toy soldiers for a living. There is also a story behind her skirt, which was originally an ankle-length gem from The Salvation Army that she converted into a flirty miniskirt, making the long hem into her tote bag. Similar ingenuity is found in her eccentric collection of bracelets, picked up on her travels and in NYC flea markets.

As we chatted about her new fashion projects, she pulled out a technicolor display of M&Ms perfectly matching the riot of parrots on her tote bag. Delicious and fun, this is head-to-toe style.

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