STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Easy, Breezy, Boho Chic

This time of year always brings with it a renewed spirit of invigoration that is prevalent all over campus. Just strolling through the plaza in the beautiful weather you see so many more smiles, hear more laughter, and you can’t help but notice that people are just walking with a little more skip in their step. With the anticipation of summer and easy living right around the corner, people are even dressing for the occasion. Bright colors and stunning patterns are everywhere you look, and this Fashionista really stood out in the crowd.

A radiant, airy sundress is the perfect choice for days when the weather is so nice that the only thing stopping you from twirling in the grass is the fact that you might get some interesting looks in your direction. The charming turquoise undertone of the dress mixed with the array of floral and paisley patterns makes for a color palette that is undeniably ideal for this time of year. Since the abundance of fabric forms a looser fit, she creates shape by adding a thin, brown leather belt at her waist. To add to the silhouette, and just in case it might get a little chilly, she wears a denim jacket that cuts off at her waist. Both the belt and the cut of her jacket are great choices to emphasize a curvier shape because they highlight a smaller waist. She finishes off with super cute sandal flats and a simple silver necklace that really give her a boho chic look. Now if only classes could be held outside from now on.

Hint: Tis’ the season of the sandal, and the season really stepped up its game this year. There are so many fantastic options to choose from, so don’t be afraid to play around with color and texture. This sandal from ALDO is very feminine and the neutral pink gives you plenty of freedom to mix’n’match. If you’re feeling bold, try this sandal from Colin Stuart.

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