TREND: Every Girl Loves Pink

Pink is fun, glamorous, and flirty. Pink became a symbol of feminitinity in the baby boomer generation as an indetifier of newborns and the trend remains today. Pink dominates closets for most women which shows that its appeal is strong in the fashion industry.

This Fashionista chose to pair her pink flats with identically hued pink tights thus drawing attention to her legs. The light pink floral skirt transitions the eye to her white camisole. Now is a great time to find deals on summer wear, like floral skirts that can easily be worn year round by incorperating layers in the winter months. Additionaly, camisoles are traditionally worn solo in the summer, but are a must-have for layering in the cold weather. Many camisoles come with a built in support that futher accentuate the feminie physique.

The white cardigan is a college must have. There are many fabrics, colors, textures and styles to choose from and numerous ways to wear a cardigan. Cardigans add a unique zest to an outfit and further facilitate layering especially on those chilly days where a heavy jacket is simply unnecessary. She accessorizes with a balck and white patterend tote and back framed glasses. A nice addition to this outfit would be a pink silk frayed scarf to tie the whole look together.

Hint: If pink is not your color, find a color that looks best on you and rock it. Thanksgiving is a great time to sport your hue around family and friends as there are likely to be a lot of photos taken so be sure to look your best.

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