Exclusive NY Fashion Week Feature: Sabine Feldmann, Teen Vogue

I caught up with the very influential Vice President and Publisher of Teen Vogue, Sabine Feldmann, to find out details about WWDMAGIC and their first ever Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge. 

CollegeFashionista: How did you narrow it down to the 30 bloggers who are participating in the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge at MAGIC?

Sabine Feldmann: We looked for bloggers we already had a great relationship with and who also had amazing individual style. Teen Vogue has been featuring "real girls" since it's inception. It became so popular we began our snapshot column as a daily. A lot of our snapshot girls happen to be bloggers we continue to have relationships with. We had Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes  in 2008 as a snapshot girl before her blog really took off. And Erica Domesek of PS I Made This is the best DIY person in the biz. 

CF: What are some of the buzzworthy highlights of what will be happening at the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge this year?

SF: We are so so excited! The blogger lounge is going to be very interactive and a focal point of MAGIC for fashion lovers to get together, speak with brands, provide content and sit on panels. We will be having panels where bloggers will discuss their craft and how they built their career blogging. I am also very excited about our style off competition where our bloggers will go around and build outfits from vendor's merchandise at MAGIC. Judges will vote on who put together the best look. 

CF:  What has Teen Vogue done differently from the other publications to actively engage with the blogging community in a meaningful and sustainable way?

SF: First of all, we have had such a long standing relationship with bloggers all ready from featuring our "real girls" since the inception of the brand. A snapshot "real girl" is chosen for her real style and taking that platform digitally has made it even more popular. 

The other thing we provide is Fashion Click. It's essentially a blog aggregtator where we house fashion obsessed trendsetters blog posts. These bloggers have to submit their blog to our editorial team and then are selected if they exemplify the Teen Vogue image. You can rank your favorite bloggers through Fashion Click and other interactive applications. These 150 plus bloggers are brand fans! 

CF: While a lot has to do with Teen Vogue interacting with the blogger community, do you feel that the influence also goes in the reverse direction from the bloggers to Teen Vogue?

SF: Absolutely! So many of our editors are bloggers also so it's one and the same. Blogging has really democratized fashion in a sense and added more buzz to it. To highlight the notion of individual style we do look to the bloggers from an editorial view point and search for those fashion mavens who have their own voice.  

CF: With all of the new platforms of social media popping up, which do you see as being most important long term and how are you utilizing them?

SF: So tough to say since the digital world moves so fast. Right now, I view it as Facebook and Twitter. Both those applications help us deepen the communication with our brand fans. It's a great way to connect and get feedback and actually have real conversations. I am happy to say we are one of the top followed magazines on Twitter

CF: Aside from Teen Vogue’s current efforts, are there any new initiatives or events in the pipeline for engaging with the blogger community?

SF: We have "Haute Spot" Pop-Up shops in which we host blogger panels at these events. In addition, every October we host Teen Vogue Fashion University

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