TREND: Fabulous Fur and Scandalous Snakeskin

Layering is a practical necessity this time of the year and is a very valued, required skill for any fashionable person. Yet many could still use a little inspiration from this department because it’s essential that these climate-required coverings resemble chic opposed to utilitarian drag. This Fashionista appears to wear oversized layers in fabulous ways, for her ensemble seems decidedly of-the-moment, but it also appears quite classic too.

Yielding an interesting bundle, multi-toned neutrals allow more diversity and creativity. The browns, blacks, whites, and even a touch of navy create a perfectly colorful look without much actual rainbow color. The contrasting fabrics add greater depth and style to the ensemble. Leading to the fuzzy fur, although a controversial trend of the season, has been transformed into a more youthful shape – the vest. This is defiantly a piece to invest in, preferably faux! Another texture, snakeskin is contributing to the outfit. This fashion-forward bag adds an edgy coolness. The gray color complement’s her subdued palate perfectly without being too matchy

The riding boot was destined to become a hit ever since Toby Maguire starred in Seabiscuit. These semi-rugged shoes make all other boot options look passé. It’s a powerful shoe that screams aggressively chic. Pairing this vigorous footwear option with layers creates an overall effortless beauty. The look is straightforward and cozy, yet portrays a great sense of personal style.

Hint: Layering is not only meant to keep you warmer, but to also keep your look original and display contrasting items. The art of layering can be achieved through picking distinctive colors, fabrics, and patterns to create the right look, not the lumpy look. And when in doubt, add that scarf!

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