TREND: Fall Into Rank

Students are marching down the Commonwealth Ave., falling into rank with the military trend. Designers such as Balmain and John Paul Gaultier showcased this trend in their spring/summer 2010 collections; luckily, the military look is easy to translate into everyday life! This Fashionista shows exactly how to do it.

Combat boots are the essential element of this trend. They come in a variety of colors, styles and ages; in other words, there’s a combat boot for everyone. Whether they’re your mom’s old military issue boots, a vintage ebay find or the new Urban Outfitters style, you’ll be sure to embody the military trend when you lace these up. Although the most traditional combat boots are black, brown ones are sneaking their way into the scene. Distressed brown leather combat boots can provide a softer look than their harsher black counterpart.

If you’re looking for an obvious military influence – more so than just wearing combat boots – throw on something in an olive green or khaki color. This Fashionista’s olive tunic is obviously military-inspired, but still feminine and cute. So Fashionistas, get ready to salute this classic trend and lace up your boots!

Hint: Combat boots can toughen up an originally girly look; try wearing them with something pink or lacey!

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