FASHION FROM ABROAD: All Black Everything

I love traveling to different cities. Like people, places have a way of reminding you that no two are the same. Different people create a different feel for each city, and I enjoy getting to experience that aspect of cities outside of my own college town. Clemson University is located in a wonderful place when it comes to access to different cities. It is a short trip to Asheville, Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston, and Atlanta. Drive two hours South, and you run right into what is in my opinion, one of the greatest cities in the U.S.

Atlanta is a transport city. This meaning that a lot of people and families move here for jobs or once they graduate from school, and this makes the city very diverse. Atlanta as a city alone is the home of rich historical background and one of the most popular cities for the film industry. From lyrics in rap songs to the set for a famous movie scene, this city is filled with character. Not to mention that each neighborhood that makes up Atlanta has its own story and character as well. If you visit here, you will never run out of places to explore and things to learn.

This fashionisto was spotted in Buckhead, THE chic Atlanta neighborhood. Buckhead is home to an unending list of upscale eats and luxury shopping, making it one of the hot spots of Atlanta. This outfit is a typical Buckhead Atlanta street style look, perfect for hitting the gym and running errands afterwards. This fashionisto went for the all black look, which includes, a black athletic hat, black tennis shoes, and a black athletic pullover. Don’t worry ladies, this look is perfect for any gender, so you can create this look on your own as well. The way that this fashionisto chose to keep it all black makes this workout look chic, which is a perfect fit for bopping around Buckhead. I love that this outfit reflects Buckhead. When I think of this city, this outfit reminds me of something that would come to mind. If you’re headed to this awesome city anytime soon, check out what people are wearing and explore what Atlanta has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

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