Being from New Jersey, I never thought that I would ever make it out to the infamous Coachella Valley Music Festival. I also never thought that going to Penn State would introduce me to so many amazing people and opportunities. Weekend one was taken by storm with the fashion, the Ferris wheel, the music, the food, and California. If no one was able to tell by my countless Instagrams, the fashion was my favorite part.

Trying to find the perfect balance between not trying too hard and managing to comply with the weather was somewhat of a struggle but safe to say, we killed the game. Coachella fashion is very unique. It combines all of the latest trends being fringe, mesh, and even metal tops and they are worn by the coolest people and shown at the best of the best parties. The highlight of my week was being posted on the LF SoHo Instagram, but I don’t want to brag.

This outfit is where I brought out my desert and ranch vibes. To start off, my black bandeau is from Urban Outfitters, the neutral vibe really showed throughout the whole weekend with outfits focusing around black tops. Fringe, fringe, and more fringe. I LOVED this fringe skirt, Revolve killed the game this year and helped me have a little fun when dancing, singing, and running around. The trend this year was belts, I bought a big cowboy belt from ASOS to add a little something to the outfit along with my two necklaces. To protect me from the grueling desert heat, I paired the outfit with this black brimmed hat and black booties—and voila!

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