Comfort is a necessity when it comes to any outfit, however, it is an absolute must when exploring a new place. While exploring different cities, this Fashionista has nailed the comfort aspect of the outfit while still looking chic and poised.

When it comes to maintaining comfort in an outfit, a good pair of shoes and layers are essential. While discovering all the diverse aspects of a new place, there is no time for sore feet. This Fashionista chose a timeless, yet practical shoe. Not only are these shoes a great choice for the occasion, but they match the black ensemble perfectly.

Another key aspect to achieving comfort is layers. Jackets, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts work best when attempting this look. In this outfit, a jean jacket was selected as the layer of choice to cover the form fitting crop top. This jacket not only helps maintain warmth throughout the day but also adds a fun and unique twist to the look. The faded blue texture on the jacket paired with the camo print provides the outfit with a beautiful pop of color.

To add extra comfort to this look, this Fashionista paired the jacket and shoes with a quality pair of leggings. These pants ensure mobility for any adventure one may take, due to the flexibility of the fabric. In this look, they also serve as a way to tie the ensemble together with their rich black pigment.

So, next time you are looking to explore a new city, remember that fashion and comfort always go hand in hand.

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