To some of us, Florida is our go-to vacation state. We get lost in the suffocating crowds of tourists and forget that for many walking among us, Florida is home. Waking up to palm trees and 80 degrees everyday sounds like a dream. For this Fashionista, it’s a reality.

Since moving down south from Michigan, she says it’s quite a lifestyle adjustment. “I see that it’s 50 degrees and get excited I don’t need a jacket. Locals will see 50 degrees and run for a winter coat,” she exclaims. The differences in temperature are a huge influence on the difference in style. This Fashionista said that she takes a lot of inspiration from the local women she sees and from the unique southern boutiques and brands that Florida has to offer. Her romper was actually purchased from a local shop on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida. With plans to go out to dinner later that night, it was a purchase of perfect timing.

As if rompers weren’t trendy enough, the off-the-shoulder look sure is as well. This fun and flattering romper fits the Fashionista and the occasion perfectly. To offset the navy and white pattern, she slipped on a simple pair of nude heels and silver earrings to complete her date night look.

The sun was setting and this Fashionista was trend-setting. I snapped my last couple of photos before her and her man walked off into the sunset … I mean, into the hibachi house.

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