FASHION FROM ABROAD: All You Need Is Liverpool

For my final weekend trip during my time in Spain, I returned to my second home in Liverpool, England. Stomping grounds of both The Beatles and basically my entire family, I couldn’t wait to showcase a taste of Liverpool’s Fashionistas. My own style has been heavily influenced by my frequent trips across the pond, so Liverpool definitely holds some of my favorite fashion from abroad.

During my trip, I met this Fashionista while spending the day in town. Rocking a lace crop top and a denim skirt, she embodied all of my favorite trends I had been seeing in the British stores. I was originally a little skeptical about the denim skirt trend, but I’ve definitely become enamored with it. As this Fashionista shows effortlessly, a skirt like this adds stylish flair to your typical denim. Skater skirts such as this one from TOBI, and the one that this girl was wearing, are a perfect summer denim alternative. Paired with a cute crop top, they’re instantly adorable.

If you’re daring enough to spice up your jeans even more, feel free to join in on my recent obsession with overalls. Complemented with a lace crop top and some simple accessories, such as this Liverpool native did, overalls are a trendy way to change up your summer wardrobe. I almost found myself buying this Topshop overall dress, which is also an extremely similar wash to the skirt worn by this style maven.

To top it off, she wore some colorful accessories to liven up her outfit even more. I’m all for adding a little bit of color to neutral clothes, and this Fashionista hit it out of the park. Her vibrant bracelets and watch were not only a mix of colors, but a mixture of styles as well. By keeping it interesting with an array of colored bracelets and a stand out watch, this jeans and T-shirt (with a stylish twist) perfectly showed off why I love Liverpool’s fashion.

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