Poutine, châteaus, fleur-de-lis — I’m definitely not in Kansas anymore. Quebec City, the little Europe of North America, has been one of the most enchanting and charming cities I have visited yet. The French expression “Bon Chic, Bon Genre” which literally means “good style, good attitude”, epitomizes the Québécois fashion scene.

While doing a French immersion program here, I have found the Québécois to be extremely stylish and sophisticated. One of the biggest events where I caught these trendy Fashionistas was at the Festival d’été de Quebec. As everyone was anxiously waiting for the Passion Pit concert to start, I spotted this Fashionista outside the festival sporting an edgy, vintage inspired outfit paired with a studded bracelet and the infamous “don’t mess with me” Dr. Martens. I loved her boots (obviously), and her outfit was the go-to choice for music festival attire in Quebec. Everyone was wearing tights (or leggings) with combat or motorcycle boots, headbands and a graphic T-shirt. Since it can get pretty chilly at night, most festival-goers tailor their clothes to the cooler weather by pairing tribal print leggings with bomber jackets.

I loved how many opted for summer style prints but fashionably stayed warm by wearing leggings or jackets. However, there were others who rocked the chambray button-downs, knit tops and washed-down military inspired coats, and they still looked très chic (pardon my French).

Even though I’ve only been here for less than a week, it’s become difficult for me to even write an article in English because I’ve been speaking so much French. Nevertheless, I will do my best to continue to update you on the latest street style from Quebec City despite my Franglais (French-English) language barrier. That said, as a last piece of advice and colloquial expression we say here in Quebec City, don’t forget to “Être sur son trente-six!” (Dress your best!)

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