FASHION FROM ABROAD: Flower Child Gone Corporate

For those in Venice, the FiorellaGallery in Campo Santo Stefano is a must-see. It’s a combination art gallery and vintage blazer store, and it’s truly one of the weirdest places I’ve ever been in. The store specializes in velvet blazers with crazy ’70s prints, and they are monumentally expensive, but totally worth it. Wearable art at its finest, celebrities and Fashionistas around the world have fallen in love with Fiorella Mancini’s insane designs. I could totally see our Fashionista this week rocking a printed ’70s blazer with a simple shift dress and heels, and of course, a fantastic necklace.

Northeastern students in particular often consider the practicality of their choice of major.  That’s why this Fashionista’s outfit really stood out to me: it’s the perfect mix of creative and professional, and I could definitely see her as a graphic designer, architect or art historian coming from her job at a museum or design firm, on the way to a fabulous party.

Our Fashionista probably just got off from work, as she’s rocking the night portion of a day-to-night look. I love her leather jacket and undone hair because they add a casual vibe. However, to make the look more daytime appropriate, I would swap out the leather jacket  for a  lightweight cardigan, and tuck the white top into her cuffed brown pants for a crisp, tailored effect. Having her hair in a bun, whether loose and romantic or full-on ballerina, would add a touch of elegance. And, as usual, I recommend a bit of lipstick. The flower necklace is perfect for both situations, and manages to be artsy, feminine and playful all at once. It also reminds me of the cap of my favorite perfume, Eau So Fresh Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Captured: This Fashionista was walking with her boyfriend near a Bienale exhibit featuring a pentagon wheel made out of bicycles at Palazzo Franchetti, the Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts. The Bienale is an architecture festival hosted in Venice featuring work from around the world. It’s awesome, mind-blowing and definitely worth checking out, even if you’re not particularly interested in architecture. In the beginning of June, when the shows first open, there are artists coming in from around the world, and boy do they throw fantastic parties.

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