This past weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Marrakesh, Morocco. While Marrakesh is a fairly touristy part of the African country, going there I was faced with one major problem, what to wear. Not only was the forecast supposed to be over 100 degrees everyday in Morocco, they are also a very conservative country. With the combined problems of bearing extreme heat and covering up, there was only one obvious solution, maxi skirts.

While wandering through the Majorelle Gardens, owned by Yves Saint Laurent, I spotted this darling British Fashionista. She donned this black and cream maxi skirt outfit that I instantly loved. Keeping her shirt, skirt and even her hat flowy, was an easy way to beat the heat. Along with this, her long skirt and simple colors kept her conservative enough to fit in.

Without a doubt, my favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her accessories. Adding her striped sun hat was a fantastic way to stay shaded. It also adds a bit of flair to an otherwise simple outfit, which I love. Sun hats are basically the perfect summer accessory. I’m currently infatuated with Free People’s Panama Hat, which can emulate this stylish tourist’s look, or be a colorful addition to any outfit.

From there, this style maven kept her look simple. The basic colors were effortless. In this situation, you already stick out like a sore thumb just because you are a tourist. As much as I adore a good pop of color, going with what you know can be a fantastic way to glide right into foreign style. Her cute crop top accentuates her maxi skirt’s high waist, as well as shedding some layers in the unbearable heat. I also love the idea of doing a cropped tank top, a more lightweight yet just as stylish alternative.

Top off your look with a cross-body bag and some sunglasses, like this Fashionista did, and you’re all set for a stylish day of exploring!

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