FASHION FROM ABROAD: Parisian Casual Smart

With Paris spring-summer 2014 collections in the air, menswear trends have been the talk of the city. Menswear season in Paris brings back the lofty catwalks to the people. This Fashionisto was enjoying the sightings of fashion editors from every corner of the world to the flawless supermodels around the city.

The spotted Fashionisto stuck to a blue color palette and enhanced his attire with brown leather accents throughout his outfit. He sported his tailored navy blue blazer that fitted him like a glove. Underneath, he went with a similar navy blue color button-down to keep with his monochrome look.

As for the bottom half of his look, the dark wash blue jeans kept his look casual and comfortable for the beautiful summer day. Paring the monochrome navy blue trend with the light brown leather accents helped make the look more appropriate for the summer. The messenger bag is a stand out accessory from his overall look, because Parisian men love carrying their bags almost if not more than the women. This Fashionisto even explained how it is rare to see anyone in this city without some sort of a handbag; Parisian are always on the go! In addition, most of the handbags can go with virtually any outfit and at any time of the day. I guess that’s why Paris is one of the top major fashion capitals in the world.

This casual smart look is perfect for those days you don’t want to fully dress up but still want to look presentable. I loved how this Fashionisto could have been mistaken for a guest to any of the menswear fashion shows. Lastly, there are truly no better weeks in the year than fashion weeks, especially in Paris.

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