This week I had the opportunity to attend Pitti Uomo, self-described as “the world’s most important platform for men’s clothing and accessory collections and for launching new projects in men’s fashion.” Everyone knew that Pitti was in town because Firenze was suddenly booming with Fashionistas and Fashionistos, more so than usual. There were quite a few common trends seen among the men and it was clear that they were all fluent in fashion.

This Fashionisto caught my eye from all the way across the street. As he was investing in the street vendor hipster-esque fedora you see above, I dodged traffic to snap a pic. His outfit alone was enough to stop traffic.

The cropped plaid pants are a statement, but paired with the rich turquoise blazer to bring out the color in the pants, they tied this outfit together in a bold way. The Oxford-style textured leather loafers were a key accessory with this outfit as well. Each accessory, the fedora, the initialed gold belt buckle to bring out the gold pins on his blazer and the original leather handbag had a strong individual presence, but this Fashionisto eloquently paired all together to create an entirely BOLD look. Cropped pants were very popular among the men at Pitti Uomo, and each one was styled to their unique taste. I’m certainly a fan of the cropped trouser, and when they are used as the focal point it is easy to dress around it by pairing the perfect blazer, hat and Oxfords just by using the colors in the trousers, perfectly demonstrated by this Fashionisto! I loved that he used each color from the plaid to put together this ensemble; from the classic white button-up tying in the white details in the plaid and on the leather bag, the black leather shoes to match the plaid and tie in the black bag, the bright turquoise blazer to bring out the turquoise in the plaid and finally adding the gold accents.

When I inquired about his belt and bag, he said that they were a part of his upcoming line. Based out of Los Angeles, Dejon Marquis and his fiancé Raquel Celeste were visiting Florence to build connections for their brand ICanDress2. This is a definitely a brand to look out for! Check out their website for more information of ICanDress2 and fashion from Pitti Uomo, Milan Fashion Week and more!

Let’s hear it for the fashionable men of Florence and Pitti Uomo!

Captured: I spotted this Fashionisto at the Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy. As the men’s portion of the Pitti Immagine collection of fashion events, Pitti Uomo is a tradeshow in Florence, Italy that’s been around since 1972. It’s a four-day market-facing event in which retailers, buyers, and editors come together to view upcoming collections.