FASHION FROM ABROAD: Rock ‘n’ Roll Classics

The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. The Who. The Cure. Pink Floyd. These are some of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands in history, and a large portion of their identity links them together — they are all British. Why the UK was blessed with this ridiculous amount of talent, we may never know, but one thing is for sure: they founded a new culture, a culture that still lives on today. Not only did they create a new genre of music, they created a new kind of fashion. This vintage rocker look is still alive and well in the city of London as you can see from the Fashionisto I ran into on the high street.

Normally I’d like to save my favorite part of his outfit for last but I have to start with his John Lennon-esque sunglasses. These perfectly circular psychedelic-tinted sunglasses courtesy of Giant Vintage scream rock ‘n’ roll. These sunglasses, which take some confidence and real style to pull off, look brilliant with this Fashionisto’s vintage denim jacket and Topman white T-shirt. Denim is the must have style of the season and nothing can top a classic jean jacket in a medium wash. You can pair it with other denim washes, pair it with leather pants or a mix of the two and go with some black skinny jeans like this Fashionisto.

To complete his look, the Fashionisto chose a pair of black leather boots, further increasing the punk rocker vibe while at the same time making sure to show off a pinch of his white socks therefore creating a John Travolta/Grease Lightening feel to his look. Clearly this Fashionisto understands that sometimes your greatest look doesn’t need to be full of crazy new trends and that some classic, forever pieces are the way to go.

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