FASHION FROM ABROAD: The Essential Beanie

There is no denying that ’90s fashion has made a comeback. As 2013 comes to a close, flannel, dark purple lipstick and platform shoes are everywhere, from the runway to the streets. This winter, it is evident the beanie has made a resurgence.

In my opinion, beanies are a necessity in the winter. Nobody likes a cold head, and beanies offer a great and fashionable solution to a bad hair day. From bizarre (beanies with animal ears) to classic, you can never have too many beanies. Beanies come in an infinite array of styles, colors and materials, but my personal favorite presently is the beanie that makes a verbal statement, such as “relax” or “whatever.”

Despite my preference for the nontraditional beanie style, I spotted this Fashionista in Florence opting for a more traditional approach. Its knit material is a classic variety and timeless. Because of that, the knit beanie never goes out of style and can be seen adorned year after year and winter after winter.

The lavender color of her knit beanie caught my eye. This Fashionista’s outfit has a neutral palette with the black boots and leggings and gray knit sweater. Its color undoubtedly brings her outfit together in the most perfect way.

This Fashionista’s plaid cashmere scarf was made in Florence. Collectively, the beanie and the scarf bring about an element of winter chic to her outfit. In addition to exemplifying winter style in Florence, this Fashionista’s outfit is ideal for the streets of Aspen or Vale.

If you want a warm head and a trendy aura this winter, the beanie is absolutely the hat for you.

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