Buongiorno from Rome, which I fondly refer to as the land of ruins and gelato.

I snapped a picture of this gorgeous Fashionista, and was immediately drawn to her flowy, printed maxidress and bandana. Full length skirts and dresses can be a challenge, especially for petite girls. However, when worn correctly, they can be extremely flattering and elegant.

For a relatively unstructured piece like a maxi dress, it all comes down to print size and fit. Prints work to add interest and to help conceal any insecurities. A good rule of thumb is that the smaller the print, the smaller you look. Fit and length are key as well. Look for a dress that fits perfectly at the top, since it’s the most formfitting part. Making sure the bottom of the dress hits right at your ankle is an easy way to look taller, and provides an added bonus of letting you show off a cute pair of shoes.

I love our Fashionista’s bandana as well, and have always loved a good printed one. However, having short hair complicates things, because there’s all sorts of weird effects after wearing a headband or bandana. (i.e. hair sticking out of weird places) My new obsession is headbands with wires inside, and Forever 21 has a great selection of cheap, printed ones. I’m wearing a watermelon printed headband as I type. It sounds weird, but because of the wire, you can shape it to fit your head and it stays put so you can move around freely and look cute for longer.

Captured: This picture was taken while touring the Capitoline Museum in Rome, specifically the Courtyard of the Palazzo dei Conservatori, where the remains of The Colussus of Constantine lie. It used to be a giant sculpture of a seated Constantine, but now it’s just a huge head and random body parts like a hand, knee and shin, and a foot.

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