My hotel in Venice is conveniently located between two major vaporetto (boat version of public transportation) stops, and as one would expect, my backyard is basically all waterfront. While soaking in the beautiful view of the Giudecca skyline on the way to the supermarket, I found this British Fashionista! I was obsessed with her berry lipstick, white hair, feathery sweater and awesome metallic creepers.

I’m a huge fan of our Fashionista’s sweater because I have a tiger sweater from Forever 21 made out of the same material, and I can attest that it is both sartorial and impossibly soft. The awesome metallic creepers she’s wearing reflect just enough turquoise to match her sweater, and I love that she kept the rest of her look simple with black skinny jeans and a brown belt. Our Fashionista definitely rocks the ’90s look with a choker and big hoop earrings. If you’re looking for chokers, Sailor Moon phone cases and other ’90s throwbacks, check out sicctransitgloria’s Etsy shop. I personally love this Leonardo DiCaprio phone case and wave clutch.

All white hair has been a trend lately, particularly among California-based fashion bloggers like Feral Creature and Amy Pham. Our Fashionista also demonstrates a new way to style the undercut, and I love the little braid because it adds a feminine touch to an otherwise punk-rock hairstyle. Her makeup and hair offset the retro feel of her accessories to make the whole look more modern.

This look appealed to me mostly because it was so unlike everything else I’ve seen here in Venice. It’s mostly men in immaculately tailored suits or blazers, and extremely put-together business casual looks for the ladies, and I love the contrast in formality even between locals and tourists from England, which is a stone’s throw away.

Captured: If you look at a map of Venice, it’s shaped like a fish. This photo was taken nearby the Zattere Vaporetto stop, where the fish’s belly is. It’s a five second walk away from the converted monastery where I’m staying.

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