LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Fashion and Function

There’s one truth that all Bostonians must face each January: it’s so cold. This is the only time of the year that function starts to supersede fashion. But this Fashionisto gets both.

Chunky wool sweaters are a great way to stay warm yet be fashionable without emasculating oneself. We love this knitwear because it doesn’t gravitate toward busy and trite sweater patterns, yet it also isn’t boring because of its rich texture. The minimalist toggle clasp elevates the item from that dingy sweater your grandma knitted you for Christmas while the shawl collar shouts, “Hey look, I’m mature and intelligent!”  — not in a musty Christopher Plummer kind of way, but in a suave and sexy George Clooney way. Slim fitting jeans are a perfect pair for chunky sweaters like this one because they remind others that even though you’re wearing a fuzzy shapeless form of winter-warmth, there is still an awesome bod underneath. 

Always remember the number one commandment for utilizing dark monochromatic sweaters however: wear a colorful scarf. Shock some life into your winter wardrobe with plaid and striped scarves.  Don’t waste your time with plain browns and blacks, because let’s be honest here, wearing a scarf is one of the few acceptable times a man can incorporate some bright colors into his outfit. The way this scarf is worn vertically is perfect for breaking down the width and girth of the fluffy sweater. This Fashionisto has everything working for him.

Also, as long as there is no snow, it is ok to just wear a warm sneaker. This great pair of Sperry slip-ons helps us remember that the chill of the winter air will come to an end … eventually. Until then, let’s make Icelandic-chic a thing this year and pledge to wear more wool (or acrylics for all my vegans out there).

You can recreate this outfit easily! It's always worth investing in quality outerwear because besides looking great, jackets and sweaters have a job to do. Stay warm in this woven sweater  from J. Crew that will make any accent colors in your scarf or undershirt really pop. Mix things up with this playful scarf from AllSaints Spitalfields to pull off the sailor vibes with your Sperry boat shoes. Just because it's winter doesn't mean you need to look like you're hibernating, so keep those sweats at home please.

The lesson we learn this week is that society needs more big fluffy sweaters; they’re fun to wear and they’re fun to hug.

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