Unfortunately, the weather has decided to revert back into chillier temperatures that have thus forced the Parisians to pull their heavier coats out of the closet again. When the weather is being as iffy as it has been lately I think it’s very important to invest in some pieces that can be worn for multiple seasons. Take the scarf for example — you can never have too many. It is a great way to make any outfit more of your own and it's also so simple to style it when you're leaving for class or work in the morning.

This Fashionista has the right idea. As I stopped her on her way to work , I admired the way she effortlessly styled her scarf. First the pattern is something to take note of: the colorful little polka-dots give her sophisticated look a hint of playfulness and youth. The material and weight of the scarf also provides an airiness to it, hinting at spring but still providing warmth. Lastly, instead of neatly wrapping the scarf around her neck she wraps it around once, leaving both ends loose and tucks them in to form a messy knot. The style works well with her classic cut blazer and button-down shirt. She adds one more pop of a different shade with her brown belt and shoulder strap purse. A perfect ensemble for work!

Scarves are always a great piece to have and in many varieties. First check out the assortment of scarves that Target has to offer. I always seem to find one that draws my attention, like this Jason Wu for Target one. This bold blended scarf from Urban Outfitters would also be a great addition to a classic outfit. Francesca's Collections also provides a great selection of printed scarves, like this one. If you’re looking to draw inspiration for how to style your scarf in cool unique ways take a look at this awesome website that has dozens of instructional videos to offer. Just get creative!

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FASHION FROM ABROAD: The Rucksack Backpack

It’s pretty obvious that the '90s fashion is in trend for this season. On the streets of Florence, it’s a '90s revival! Fashionistas are starting to wear their denim jackets and shirts, hiked up shorts, ripped up tights and tight maxi skirts. As for the accessory, backpacks are worn by Fashionistas/os, which was a staple accessory during the '90s. The most popular backpack worn by Fashionistas/os is the rucksack backpack, which often is used by climbers and campers. In Florence, many study abroad students from FIT sports a rucksack backpack to carry textbooks and other school materials.

This Fashionista, spotted by Polimoda, channels her version of the '90s fashion in a modern way. She sports a black maxi skirts put together with a black leather rucksack backpack as an accessory. Instead of looking like a typical camper, this Fashionista shows us a perfect example of how to style the simple look by adding some edge through her leather backpack.

The backpack is a must-have item for this season, and it's definitely a go-to when you have a lot to carry. If you want to adopt this Fashionista's look, shop for some fun rucksack backpacks at ASOS. Being fashionable may not always be convenient, but this backpack trend sure is fashion forward and practical!

Spotted: Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2010 ready-to-wear collection sporting a fun backpack!

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FASHION FROM ABROAD: Chic, Classy And Cozy In A Covetable Winter Coat

Perhaps the coat you decide to wear this winter season makes the first impression. Think about it. Even the most stylish outfit will be covered in some sort of jacket or layers in order to keep warm.

When I spotted this Fashionista walking to class, the first image that popped in my mind was the cartoon character Madeline. Perhaps it was the way she carried her self in her very polished and put together outfit. The basis of this classy outfit? Her covetable navy blue Winter Coat from Luxe. Normally, navy blue is correlated with work-wear. While that being true, it’s a great color to wear at work, but depending on how you combine it, navy blue can use it for many other occasions. In this case, it is the perfect hue for this on-the-go European CollegeFashionista.

When you are in school during the winter season, comfort is key. Scarves are a seasonal essential because they are relatively inexpensive and they can makeover an entire outfit. Wrap a scarf for depth and warmth like this Fashionista. You'll be both stylish and cozy. This Fashionista’s scarf was thrifted from her boyfriend’s mother. Talk about scoring a fashion deal. A scarf like this can go with practically every outfit and if taken care of, can last through many more winters.

The cold weather generally implies wearing darker tones, which I love. The black and navy color scheme will complement any outfit, as seen here on this Fashionista. She kept her accessories minimal with simple black tights from Calzedonia, a neutral colored school bag from Urban Outfitters and the very trendy black boots from Topshop.

This season, stand out in a sea of black in a navy blue coat. Go mod with a crisp A-line coat. The clean silhouette makes it perfect for layering over a pencil skirt and tights or even your favorite dark washed jeans. Navy blue and black are now new best friends. It depends in how you combine it, of course, but if you do it right it looks stunning.








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