Many say that studying abroad is the apex of a student’s college career. By living outside of their homeland, students are exposed to different cultures, cuisines and experiences. It is true for many students because studying and living in a foreign country is thrilling and exciting.

This Fashionista's goal this week was to explore as much as Sydney as she possibly could. She has been in Oz for a little over a month and says that the city has inspired her style. The Fashionistas in Sydney resemble that of New York and Boston Fashionistas. Their outfits are basic with neutral colors, such as black, brown and navy, but here in Sydney they always have a splash of color. Since her arrival here, this Fashionista has vamped up her closet with fun colorful scarves and vibrant accessories. 

To achieve this Fashionista’s look, pair Forever 21’s Boxy Button Back Shirt with American Eagle’s Skinny Jeans in black to get a sleek and classy look. For the chilly walks near the Sydney Harbour, this Fashionista added her favorite cardigan. You can get a similar look with this American Eagle Boyfriend Cardigan. Hundreds of fun and colorful scarves can be found on — this website has a scarf for every outfit. As for shoes, this Fashionista is rocking T-strap sandals from Target with gold embellishments on the heel.

Since you can only pack so much in your suite case for four months 16,000 miles away, Study Abroad Fashionistas have to be clever in making outfits transition from day to night. By pairing a leather jacket from ASOS and suede stilettos from Steve Madden, this Fashionista’s look will have her turning heads from nine a.m. to midnight. The final touch is her turquoise Guess body bag. It’s the perfect size and color to transition from going to an internship to dinner with the girls.

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In a children’s classical book called This is London it says that: “at the end of your picture of London, there should come a mention for that faithful friend, your umbrella. Because this is London.” I did not understand what this meant until I was able to experience London myself. When I first landed, I did not know that the spring weather has not fully reached the United Kingdom. It felt like gloomy early spring weather, and almost all the Fashionistas/os were dressed as if it was early winter.

While walking around the Camden market, I spotted this Fashionista in a bold military camouflage field jacket. Although the military influences are already widespread throughout the runway, the way this Fashionista styled her military jacket caught my eyes. She layered her sweatshirt under the oversized jacket and wore a red pair of pants with her vans sneakers give the comfortable look while staying fashionable. The belt on the oversized jacket shows off her waistline while complementing her overall bold look.

Taking inspirations from this Fashionista’s bold fashion, try adding some red, London telephone booth color, in your spring wardrobe. Like this Fashionista, red can be worn as pants, shirt, bags, or on your lips, to show boldness. Also, interpret your own version of the military look in your wardrobe by mixing some camouflage to add some edge. Finally, accessorize yourself with a belt this season and show off your curves. Belts are perfect to wear over a simple dress, or even cardigans. Have fun with your wardrobe this season and go bold with a hit of military influence. Don’t let the gloomy weather stop you from dressing down.

Spotted: Wayne fall 2010 in battle gear.

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FASHION FROM ABROAD: Be Simply Divine, It’s Maxi Time!

Endless trends have been said to be coming back into style both this and upcoming seasons. The maxi skirt is most definitely a bold and classy statement item and a must have in your wardrobe for 2012. The maxi skirt is a versatile piece that can be worn in as many ways as you can imagine. Whether with Converse or simple flats, it can be the perfect item for any occasion. Even if you think otherwise, it’s oh so flattering and can be done in prints and bold colors. Whatever your style is, the maxi skirt sure can portray that unique fashion sense.

Let’s be honest, anything long like a maxi-skirt can be intimidating. It can seem hard to style, but don’t fret it can be pulled off quite easily. There are many variations of this skirt. With that in mind, it’s easy to pair this skirt with numerous tops — sweaters are the most popular. The combination of a simple tank and sweater with a maxi skirt works on this and any Fashionista for a school day. 

Although her skirt is basic cotton and black, I would regard it as a statement piece. I really appreciated her simpleness, this type of skirt doesn’t have to be overdone with a flashy top or jacket. Unless you want to, of course. The skirt just has its own flair and can speak volumes about your own personality. Clothes just seem to do that. With her basic white tank, she was able to wear a beautiful and grandiose mint green necklace and nude textured flats — simple. Her vintage coach school bag is both structured and neutral to complete with her school look.

You have to keep an open eye on where to find these skirts. This Fashionista snagged one at Buffalo Exchange and I was so excited. Buffalo Exchange seems to always have every trend for less than designer stores. Also, be sure to check out such places as Nordstrom, Modcloth and Urban Outfitters during your search; you’re bound to find lots of styles of this skirt.

It is not only uber comfortable, but also wearable for any occasion. It’s a trend that can start in the warm days of winter, spring, go through the summer and carry into fall. I also love the fact that I can dress it up for a fun night out or dress it down for a casual trip to class or a coffee shop. Don’t fear the maxi skirt because it can be pulled off in many ways and can be worn for many events. If you like the classic black and basic look, then go for it like this Fashionista did. Why not try it?

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