The school year is coming to a close and summer is just around the corner, but it's not time to close those books just yet. With all this hype and excitement built up, it’s common for students to lose their appearance and focus on their last minute school work and studying for finals. The fact that this happens saddens me and any true Fashionista/o would never sacrifice style for school. School and style are both imperative and go hand in hand.

Back in my hometown of Providence, I took a walk around the artsy area of Thayer Street where many fashion statements are made by Brown students who walk aimlessly. I found this Brown University Fashionista strolling along and noticed her nerd chic style right away. The sunny weather has not yet made it to the Ocean State so this Fashionista decided to have a mixture of colors to brighten up her day and outfit. The sky might not be bright blue and the sun might not be beaming yellow, but her accessories stand out enough to compensate for the gloomy weather. I loved how her casual geek look incorporates on trend fashions. Although on trend, she still stood out as an individual Fashionista. With her hair tied back in a beanie, gold bangles on her wrist and some stylish eyeglasses, she is the perfect combination of classy and class ready. 

Straying away from the standard blue jean, this Fashionista styles a high-rise grey jean tucked into funky black high-top sneakers. On top, she wears a loose fitted powder blue shirt and plaid scarf. This Cilla sweatshirt is similar and would also pull of the same type of look as this Fashionista. To finish off her accessories, she styles colorful bags that are stand outs. A yellow crossbody bag and a red backpack complete this Fashionista’s relaxed outfit.

You are young and in college so just have fun with fashion no matter what time of the year it is. Someone will always have their eye on you, including the professor. It may be finals week and you may be stressed, but style is always necessary to keep. Believing in yourself and the way you look will help you believe in your studying and test taking. Good Luck Fashionista/os! 

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