We are used to seeing colors of electric shades going out of control and being used on just about everything that makes up our wardrobes. Well now, the focus is on patterns and fabrics. Take your trendy tribal patterns and go for an eclectic look like this Fashionista by pairing them with stripes. It's a way to take two popular season trends – tribal prints and stripes – and mix them together to make a whole new chic look.

You can mash up patterns you already have in your closet and make them look refreshingly new and cool. This Fashionista took a colorful tribal print tank and paired it with a geometric clean-lined striped skirt. There is a key to becoming a master of pattern mixing like this Fashionista. Mix bolder patterns (like tribal) with more subtle patterns, like thin stripes or small polka dots. Pair geometric patterns with more abstract florals and animal prints. Remember – if your look doesn't exactly follow the rules, but works, then go for it! Mix golds with silvers, stripes and plaids and blacks with browns. Don't stop with just one layer; carry the trend into fall and layer with mix-patterned pants and jackets.

Hint: Take a look at this Fashionista's earrings. I'm sure you have all seen the feather trend that seems to be sweeping from the East Coast to the midwest. While the trend may be to have feathers put in your hair, I really love the idea of a feathered earring. It's a lot more versatile than feather hair extensions. Jessie Williams designs really unique earrings on Feather earrings would also be a great summer D.I.Y. project and you can customize the look with the colors and sizes of feathers. If you need assistance there is a make your own earring feature on that allows you to design your own pair of earrings.

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