There has always been a place in my heart for grandpa sweaters and thick socks, and I have now added this Fashionista’s flannel shirt to the list. Oh yeah, it is that cool. There is something so beautiful about this rugged aesthetic. Maybe because I live by the rule that less is more but, I am telling you, I would wear this outfit every day if people wouldn’t judge me for it.

What I love most about this outfit is how understated it is. Who knew a simple flannel shirt and basic brown boots could look so good? For me, it is all in the rolled-up sleeves. I love a good sleeve roll; so much so that I even roll up the sleeves to my coat. Do not tell me that it defeats the purpose of a winter coat. I am aware. It is just that effortless look that I love so much — even to the point of my wrists freezing.

Another great part about this Fashionista’s outfit is that it is practical. Oh, that beautiful word. Her everyday boots double as rain boots and her flannel shirt is lined with fleece. I cannot wrap my mind around all of this utter perfection. I once had fleece-lined leggings and they rocked, but I wore them too many times and now they have a hole in them. Moral of this story: go buy something lined with fleece, even if you have to stock up and buy two or three. Your friends will notice your style and you will feel so cozy and great.

Don’t want fleece lining? Try fur lining; it is still warm and you can see part of the furry touch of fashion. I found these fur-lined boots online recently, (you are welcome). Wear them with your fleece-lined leggings to really get in the winter spirit.

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