Judging from this picture you may think this Fashionista is getting married (yes, I know you are still lingering in what is left of the Royal Wedding) or better yet, it’s her Communion. Alas, it’s just a regular day in Paris – albeit a regular day during Fashion Week – and there really isn’t anything to celebrate. Okay, so now that I’ve just primed myself (and you) with the church, I can talk about the new sort of innocent style seen in stores and Fashionistas alike. I never thought I’d say this but from the white jeans, billowy skirts, white gladiator sandals and shirts with crochet or cut out detailing (looking out my window, I’ve counted about five in the last 15 seconds of writing this), white is the new black. So, can you guess which runway collection I’m going to reference this time? Yup, Alexander Wang’s Spring 2011 collection which was a vision of white and pastel colors on layers of lightweight fabrics. H&M got the hint and now has full length skirts and playful dresses all in white, and Zara too, with their Crochet Dress. Now if I can just manage to squeeze into my old Communion dress I'll be ready to frolic.

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