FASHION FROM ABROAD: Asymmetrical All Around

Although it is winter and the temperatures have barely made it past the 50 degree mark, I have noticed that the Parisian ensemble does not often include jeans. Women are usually seen sporting dark wash pants or tights paired with a skirt or dress. Men are often wearing khakis, black pants or corduroys.  This concept is quite different from the American collegiate style but I am not at all complaining. Even though it takes a slight change in wardrobe, the lack of jeans gives everyone an air of sophistication.

This Fashionista is wearing one of my favorite trends of all: the asymmetrical hemline. She is effortlessly rocking the patterned asymmetrical dress cinched at the waist with a skinny black belt and a simple beaded necklace. Pairing plain black tights, knee high socks and a leather jacket allows her to stay warm while heading to class but also provides the outfit with a bit of edginess.

The asymmetrical trend is a versatile style that you can apply to any season or any occasion for that matter. Try to find a solid high low dress like this Free People piece and you will be able to pair it with tights and a blazer for an easy on the go outfit. Alternatively, pairing an asymmetrical blouse, half tucked into a black skirt, and booties could double as a night and day outfit. And when the weather gets warmer you can try a printed skirt and wear it with minimalist jewelry and cute sandals, letting the asymmetric hemline to be the center of your outfit.

It is a great trend to experiment with and I highly encourage trying unlikely combinations that somehow work to create a great ensemble. Asymmetrical hemlines are a versatile and stylish look that will be sure to make heads turn wherever you are around the world.

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