FASHION FROM ABROAD: Back in Black (and Brown)

We are getting back in the swing of things over here as we come off our ten-day fall break. Halloween is over, and without the comforts of an American Thanksgiving, it is time to buckle down until the end of the semester.

Pairing brown and black together may seem mismatched to some, but they are two neutral, basic colors that are convenient to pair together, especially during the colder months. I myself used to have an issue pairing these two hues together. This issue cleared itself up when I received my first pair of flat brown equestrian-esque boots in high school. These boots were so beautiful that I ached to wear them as much as possible, and this happened to coincide with my new addiction to leggings, which were many times, black.
This week’s Fashionista perfects the brown and black pairing throughout her whole outfit. The adorable military-style coat with gold buttons matches the hardware on the incredibly useful satchel. To complete the look, she dons my favorite fall item, the flat brown boot.

This week’s advice is to take away any preconceived notions you had about if brown and black match or not. Why should a silly rule like that stop you from rocking two of fall’s most necessary colors?

If you are itching to try this pairing out, attempt to emulate this Fashionista’s look with black leggings and brown boots! If you are looking for something a little different, try the reverse! For example, these Uniqlo brown pants with these Dorothy Perkins black boots and maybe even this white shirt to balance out the other neutrals. Try different combinations and enjoy staying neutral!

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