If there's one thing to try this spring, it's something out of the box. There's something about the change to warm weather that allows for a bit of individuality. I spotted this Fashionista walking down the streets of Berlin's Mitte area, with her bold colors standing out among a youthful crowd. Her mix of primary colors, with the long blue coat, red Ray Ban's, and a large yellow satchel give this Fashionista a truly unique look. She strays away from matching all pieces of her attire to make herself look more colorful. I love her choice to wear something completely different, and how she pulls it off with a pair of cute oxfords. 

The best way of finding something that will truly give you a distinct look is by shopping at a great vintage store. Find an oversized T-shirt and add a bit of individuality with bright statement colors like the yellow on her bag or a pair of unique sunglasses.

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