Last month, the weather in Madrid literally changed from one day to the next. One Saturday was beautiful and sunny so I took a walk with my friends. The sun was shining and we were wearing shorts and dresses as we enjoyed the wonderful warmth. I woke up on Sunday to a very unpleasant surprise: the sky was gray and there was a chilly breeze. I had to run across the street to buy bread and my teeth were chattering the whole time. Ever since, I've noticed the sky fluctuating between being sunny, cloudy, chilly and rainy. I'm used to fast weather changes in Boston, but I wasn't expecting it to get as cold as it has here in Madrid.

Because of the change of season, I've definitely seen a spike in dark fall colors, leather boots and one of my favorite winter accessories: oversized scarves. These are definite fall must-haves, especially for Fashionistas on the go. Fashion here resembles Boston a lot more now that it's cold and people are dusting off their winter clothes. Transitioning your wardrobe can be exciting because you feel like you're wearing completely new clothes. It's also a great opportunity to go shopping and buy the season's new collections as a prize for having to deal with cold weather. That's how I see it anyway. And you can never go wrong with winter clothes because items like wool coats and leather boots will never go out of style.

I own something that's called a Diving Bell Snood from Superdry. I wore it just yesterday because it keeps me incredibly warm and shades my face from the wind. It's wool on the outside with a beautiful cable knit design and has an amazingly soft faux fur lining. Just like this Fashionista, I'm a huge fan of endless scarves because you can loop them around your neck as many times as you want to keep yourself warm while possibly ending your winter day blues. She paired her outfit with an '80s jean jacket and an adorable red wool sweater. Her green scarf complements the red nicely and doesn't take over the outfit. Cable knits always remind me of hot cups of cocoa and Christmas music, which I'm totally OK with…

Chunky scarves are back for the winter and I, for one, couldn't be happier! So bring 'em out girls (and boys) because 'tis the season to keep yourself warm. And in case you're worried about static cling attacking your hair this winter, check out this article for some tips on getting rid of it.

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