As summer begins to slowly approach the stress of finding internships or summer jobs become more prevalent in our minds. With the responsibility of a new job comes the age old dilemma of what is appropriate to wear for a long day of work. If you’re in a casual setting, are jeans appropriate? If you were told to wear business-casual what exactly does that mean? Of course, there are always clothes that you should definitely not wear in a work setting. But at the same time I feel that when you’re given the direction of casual it allows you to be creative with your wardrobe and pick work attire that best fits your personality.

On my way to my internship the other day I stopped this Fashionista who was also heading into work. For a chilly morning that would turn into a warm day, I loved that she chose an oversized and asymmetrical cardigan as her jacket. This is the perfect addition to any work outfit, allowing you to take it off in the office if it’s too warm or wear it comfortably if the office is a bit cold. Wearing dark wash skinny jeans and adding a pop of color with her scarf makes her outfit fashionable yet also put together. The best part of her ensemble is definitely the mini boots. Being comfortable yet trendy for a long day is always important. These shoes provide a good balance, making this Fashionista look mature and sophisticated but also down to earth.

To try on a pair for yourself, take a look at Topshop's collection of booties, especially this suede pair. Find your favorite pair of light washed boyfriend jeans, cuff the buttons and put on a pair of these American Eagle lace up booties. This style is very European, and is quite flattering on anyone’s foot. If you are hoping to get more wear out of your shoes and want a pair that transforms well into a night look, try these Michael by Michael Kors low cut booties. I like to say that making a good impression starts with a good foundation so keep an eye out for a pair of flattering booties for your new job!

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