We're all pretty familiar with the boot craze girls go into when fall and winter rolls around. Girls are just so excited to break out these leather goodies every single year. It marks not only the change in seasons, but a change in their closets as well—that's always something they find incredibly exciting. It's like wearing all of their clothes for the first time and that rush of excitement comes back.

Something I've noticed while being here is that guys love boots, too. And it's definitely not just a Spanish thing because I've seen several dudes back home rocking awesome boots. My favorite boot-sporting Fashionistos have to be the Kings Of Leon boys. They're so incredibly stylish and prove that guys can wear longer boots and still look amazing.

This Fashionisto opted for a nice pair of suede desert boots—a personal favorite of mine and many others. They're sleek, comfortable and have the ability to dress any outfit up just enough to make it clean cut. He wore a burgundy sweater—another favorite for this season—and a nice, wool peacoat, tying his outfit together in a very comfortable way. 

I also don't think guys wear skinny jeans enough. I'm not talking about the extremely skinny “girl jeans” donned by stars like Pete Wentz back in the day—I think we can all agree they had their moment, but that moment is long gone. I'm talking about the ones this Fashionisto is wearing: skinny and casual. There's no need to be afraid of these leg-huggers because tapered jeans are as awesome as Betty White in the Snickers commercial. And even though they are jeans, they still surprisingly have the ability to dress an outfit up in a very understated way. 

If you want to try new boots this season, check out Clarks's new Desert Mali boots—guaranteed style. And if you're willing to make an investment in good denim, I've always been a fan of Nudie Jeans. Check out this skinny pair and you won't be disappointed!

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