FASHION FROM ABROAD: Braving The Fabrics

If there's one thing Parisians can't get enough of, it's fur. Whether it's to class, down the streets of the Champes Elysees, on the metro, or just walking around the city, Fashionistas all around Paris can be spotted flaunting their favorite piece of fur. While fall/winter trend reports in the United States have closely followed fur vests, the French do it a little differently. This Fashionista is flaunting the quintessential fur coat. I love how she is following this trend, but with her own bit of edge. Unique in its color and cut, she truly makes her coat the staple of the outfit. Her dark pants and plain gray V-neck enable the fur to stand out and look its best.

What I love most about this Fashionista's outfit isn't just her own take on the Parisian trend but the other fabrics she uses to complement the fur. Since arriving in Paris, I've become much more intrigued by the notion of leather- particularly leather pants– but haven't found the courage to rock a pair myself. I adore how this Fashionista isn't afraid of mixing fur with a pair of leather pants. I also love how she also adds a small leather bag and combat boots as a way of keeping the other pieces simple. Although I just happened to catch this Fashionista on her way to class, her effortless look is the most chic school-wear I've seen yet!

Hint: The best place to find a unique fur coat is truly searching for a high-quality vintage store. Great shops on Rue de Saint Paul in the Marais have a large selection of styles, cuts, fabrics, and colors that just might suit your furry needs.

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