To fit in with les Parisians these days it’s gonna take a little more than eating crêpes, sporting a beret, and drinking wine. We all know that wearing color here isn’t as popular as in the States, but once you’ve got that basic fact down it’s time to know what to wear. For les Parisiennes, capes are a big hit (you could almost call them the equivalent of the North Face jacket) and they’re a sure way to go for plenty of reasons. Come rain, snow, sun or wind, a cape will be your friend and help you out when Mother Nature is having a bad day. Try a trench cape or a lighter version for the springy months to come. Capes are also easy to wear. If you’re running late in the morning just plop one on over your head and out the door you go! (Or if you’d like to use your superhero powers, the window. To each his own, I say). And last but certainly not least, they look good. And I’m not just talking about good on the skinny and the tall, I mean everyone. If you’re lacking in the Good Posture Department (i.e. me), a cape with shoulder pads like the one pictured on this Fashionista might do you some good. Ate too many crêpes (i.e. me everytime)? Pas de soucis! Hide that foodbaby with a cape! I could go on, but I think you get the picture. 

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