I have come to find out that it is not quite cold enough here for solid precipitation to fall amongst us. Although I have never liked the sticky white stuff that falls on Boston’s streets from January through March, I am starting to miss it. Unfortunately, the replacement in Paris is rain. And let me tell you, the Parisian rain clouds do not just hover for one day over the city; they remain in the sky for weeks on end. On such days it is hard to find a good outfit to weather the storm. There is always the careful assessment of skipping the rain attire and taking your chances with the weather. And after making that decision, what outfit is suitable for a day with a fifty percent chance of rain?

This Fashionista has perfected such an outfit. Wearing black ankle grazers and layering a chambray button down over a black tank top exudes a casual vibe. Instead of putting on a drab rain coat she went with a chocolate leather jacket. The color adds opposition to the outfit, drawing the eyes to the jacket first, yet also refines her ensemble. To finish the look she added one more cool detail: her animal print flats. Instead of dawning clunky rain boots in a metropolitan area, the flats are a much more stylish fit. The animal print adds enough detail to transform her casual look into one that is effortlessly cool.

If you’re interested in finding some cool pieces of your own, take a look at Macy’s for these Nine West printed flats. Lined with a metallic gold stripe at the bottom, Diane Von Furstenberg’s flats will be perfect for any day or night outfit. For a comfy solution and a good cause check out these leopard printed TOMS. Pairing one statement piece with a casual outfit on days when the weather gets you down is a good skill to master. Good luck!


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