FASHION FROM ABROAD: Color Treat your Cords

There is no doubt that neon colors have been trending lately. Even though the Parisian wardrobe consists of three basic colors, black, gray and navy, I have noticed that brights are making their debut in Paris as well. Sporting a pop of color is not always easy but here, rocking a bold pair of jeans or cords is a popular habit.

When I was walking down the street I had to stop this Fashionista because she was rocking the color treated cords brilliantly. Because the temperature has been nearing the 50s recently, this Fashionista had just stepped out sans jacket in a well put together ensemble. Of course her vivid red pants drew in lots of attention. But the dilemma is always what to wear with colorful pants! This Fashionista took a daring approach by pairing her cords with an opposing striped shirt. Mixing a nautical theme with her red pants adds a sense of preppy-ness to her look. Instead of erring on the classic side she added flair by sporting awesome edgy black loafers with spikes and a chunky cream colored necklace.

If you’re looking for a pair of cool pants to brighten up your closet take a look at J.Crew's chinos. For something a bit less bright you could always try Urban Outfitters for an assortment of different colors. Pair it with a plain striped T-shirt from Gap and some funky Sam Edelman shoes and you’re all set.

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