One of the most difficult wardrobe feats is to be able to pull off denim on denim. For me, it is always too challenging to find the right balance between looking way over the top or simply looking too plain. However, this Fashionista pulls off the effortless side of the denim duo.

She starts with a classic base of a medium-wash skinny jean, that has a faded old-school look, then adds to her outfit by matching even more hues. Her suede brown oxfords give the look a bit of sophistication while also tying in nicely with the thick belt she wears around her waist. The thick belt adds a sense of vintage charm, a piece that may have a story behind it. Pairing her skinnies with an even lighter wash is the key to making this style work. It differentiates the look and doesn’t wash out whoever is wearing the style with too much denim. To not detract from the chambray she is wearing a pale pink T-shirt that is understated yet brings out the different light shades of blue the jeans have.

If you’d like to dabble in the denim look, I would first suggest finding a great pair of jeans. Finding the right fit and cut can be very hard but I am personally a strong advocate for True Religion Jeans; they always fit just right. You can find a lighter-wash chambray shirt at American Eagle and pair it with a dark-wash jean. If you’re not sure you want to commit to that much denim, try this sleeveless top from American Apparel, these dark blue denim shorts from NASTY GAL and then tone down the look with a cool kimono from Planet Blue.

Don’t let the denim overpower you: experiment with different aspects of your outfit that could be denim! It’s all about the balance.

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