If there's one thing I've learned about style while I've been in Paris, it's the bigger the better. Whether it's accessories, coats, fur, or sweaters, oversized pieces seem to be the way to go. This Fashionista exemplifies the "big" trend perfectly. While sometimes it's often difficult to stay trendy while walking the streets of Paris in the winter months, it seems that the French have mastered the concept. I've seen countless women around the city wearing big, warm coats with fur for the freezing temperatures, and I love how this Fashionista follows the trend with adorable accessories. With an oversized gray sweater and black riding pants, I love how her school bag is a gorgeous oversized satchel that is complemented by the beige combat boots. Her use of dark colors allows the excitement of her accessories to really stand out, and the size of the bag makes a bold statement against her dark coat and pants.

I also love how this Fashionista added a pretty headband as a final piece of flare to the outfit. A small, unique piece like a headband adds that bit of individuality to a trend-filled look. For a warmer option, opt for a cute earwarmer headband  that's just as stylish, but versatile for a day walking around the city!

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