It’s holiday here in Sevilla, which means at least 50% of the student population are taking the next ten days to travel across Europe. Traveling as a student in Europe is somewhat of a horror story. It’s usually about three bus rides, two trains and a tram later that you arrive to your hostel, hopefully fully in tact. Since you can’t bring many clothes in your one carry on luggage, what you wear on your travels is key.

I love that today’s Fashionista went casual but cute in a stripped T-shirt and black jeans. Stripes are one of my most favorite trends and I love to see them in every size and color. Today’s Fashionista chose a blue and white stripped tie top that is a traveling must because it is both comfortable and fashionable. At home I usually take traveling as an opportunity to throw on leggings and a sweater and save the outfit as my “plane” outfit for the rest of the trip. Traveling as a student in Europe, you simply don’t have that luxury, so I fully support the combination.

I also like that the top had a little something extra with the tie across the midsection. I’ve never been a huge fan of T-shirts with a string tie, but today’s Fashionista’s little body looked absolutely amazing in it as it perfectly hugged her body. Going further into my idea of the perfect travel outfit, boots are an absolute must. I love that her cognac boots slouch casually around her calves for the perfect daytime look.

I have to admit, I do love when I walk through the airport and see girls dressed in tights and bootie heels, but speaking as someone who absolutely hates to travel, I think comfort is absolutely key which is why I am a big fan of this Fashionista’s ensemble. Simple and sweet, this Fashionista is ready to start her journey!

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