FASHION FROM ABROAD: Evoking Different Eras

Sometimes it’s just fun to be inspired by a different era and put together an outfit based off of trends that were popular back then. Oftentimes I draw my inspiration from the '70s and construct a hippie-chic outfit based on my own personal style. Taking little pieces from different decades makes your ensemble that much more unique and memorable. They say that fashion is always repeating itself so why not be in control of which era you’d like to draw inspiration from?

This Fashionista caught my eye with her subtle homage to the late '50s and early '60s. Obviously her vintage Beatles graphic tee honors the rock gods of the '60s but even more specifically her oxfords and unbuttoned blouse give way to an outfit à la Grease, the beloved musical set in 1959. The lace inset on the back of her blouse adds a modern twist as well as the rhinestone detailing on her shirt. Adding a finishing touch to her nude colored oxfords, this Fashionista applied gems to the heels of each shoe, an awesome D.I.Y touch. The look is an understated palette of colors but it is clear that the little details are the main attraction. Finishing her look with an antique bracelet and stacked rings, this Fashionista has transferred charm from another time period into her own personal look.

To find a similar outfit, first find a graphic T-shirt that you like. Check out Urban Outfitters for a variety of different kinds; I personally recommend this one. If you’re feeling up for a fun DIY project, buy some rhinestones or rivets and give the shirt a more one of a kind character. Then pair it with this Zara sheer button blouse and a simple tailored skirt, like this one from Mango. Lastly, invest in a pair of nude patent oxford flats like this pair from Nordstrom. Again, if you’re inspired by this Fashionista’s D.I.Y project do a little experimentation and add a funky twist to your shoes!

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