I know I have said it many times, but I cannot get over a fearless Fashionista. Those who take risks, go against the crowd and let their personalities make a statement through their wardrobe are those Fashionistas whom I most admire. Being fearless makes fashion fun, and isn't that the point of it all? It seems this industry is one where rules are made to be broken and pretty much anything goes. The Fashionista that I spotted on my way to class showed me how to have a unique voice in the fashion world.

Her ensemble is unique all the way down to her brightly colored nail polish. But, let's start with her top and jacket. A cool way to show your personality in your wardrobe is to showcase sentimental pieces. Think of an old jersey or a neat tie dyed shirt from summer camp, and update it by topping it off with a chic jacket. Using your own old T-shirts is a great conversation starter and alternative to expensive vintage pieces.  A unique denim jacket is a perfect topper in the summer season. This Fashionista's jacket is embellished with military-inspired buttons and navy piping on the sleeves. I found a cool denim jacket at ASOS with some interesting leather and zipper details. The Fashionista continued to inspire me as I looked closer at her oversized accessories. Her gold earrings add more interest and intrigue to her outfit. She mentioned to me that she loves her statement jewelry, especially the kind she can make herself. She completed her look with a pair of leather lace-up boots. Short boots are a great alternative to sneakers and TOMS in the summertime when you want your feet covered up. Check out these from Free People. You can pair them with your shorts or skirts, or even try them with your long maxi dresses to get the most out of their versatility. So, take a chance in your wardrobe, add personal touches and include oversized accessories to give your attire a unique personality. 

Hint: If you want to add a personal touch to your statement jewelry and are looking for a summer D.I.Y project, I suggest taking a look at your local thrift shops. Find inexpensive pieces and take them apart. Use the beads and ornaments to rebuild them into unique pieces that no one else will have!

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