If there is one main item that I want to adopt from Parisian winter style it would be fur. Fur is everywhere here. Due to the recent arctic temperatures, it seems that the majority of the Parisian population dawns their fur jackets, scarves and head wraps to ward off the cold. Yes, there are definitely older women wearing full length fur coats and hats made of mink. But this doesn’t mean that the style cannot be dressed down for a more casual setting and for the younger age set. I’ve seen plenty of younger French women and men for that matter, rocking the trend.

This Fashionista is right on trend with Parisian style wearing all black and wedge boots paired with a cream colored fur vest. Choosing to wear an all black ensemble and letting the vest draw in all the attention was a smart idea. In addition to the fur, the suede detailing on the tie of the vest gives her outfit an alternate texture and makes the piece truly unique. Wearing straight styled hair with a simple braided headband makes her look even more put together but does not detract from the main piece of her outfit, the vest. Adding a signature watch and a funky bracelet shows some of her personal style but again does not over do it. 

To find a similar vest as this Fashionista is wearing, check out Urban Outfitters. If you are a bit worried about taking on a full fledged vest, another popular Parisian trend is fur trimmed capes. ASOS has a great selection of outerwear with fur trim including this mahogany knee length cape. Or if you really want to adopt true Parisian style, try something similar to Planet Blue’s full faux fur jacket. The trick to fur is finding something that is right for you and rocking the luxurious trend in your own way!

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