FASHION FROM ABROAD: Get It Right, Get It Tight

I don't often wear tights so I haven't really noticed that they're everywhere this season and, well, they've been around for a while. I'm a sucker for all kinds of cool prints and designs, especially when they're applied in interesting ways. Girls have been coming out of their shells and taking more risks with prints, not only on tights, but on pants as well and this is something I absolutely love.

Depending on what you decide to wear your printed tights with, you can get a chic winter look like this Fashionista. She chose to pair her tights with a burgundy dress, which is a hot color this season, Vans sneakers and an asymmetrical leather jacket. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of crosses at a pattern, but I used to say that about skulls and I purchased two skull scarves a couple months ago in Valencia. Suffice to say that as trends evolve, people change.

This Fashionista rocks her tights and I'm a huge fan of the pattern itself because the crosses aren't obnoxious and ubiquitous. They're understated and simple, just like a good pattern should be. I've previously mentioned the dress-and-sneakers trend as a personal favorite and this Fashionista reminded me of it with her cool, collected outfit. 

A great way to adopt a new trend can be by looking at how others wear it and adding a little bit of your personality to it, making it unique and your own. Hopefully that way, you'll inspire others as well.

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