This week’s Fashionista is another prime example of the trend that was spoken of in the last post. As if this Fashionista didn’t look sweet enough already, she added an innocent touch with her knit sweater, whose style can be found at Elizabeth and James. She chose to toughen up her sweater with a brown suede skirt, a black purse, and brown leather boots. Earthy tones with suede and leather were shown at Chloé and this look is completely appropriate for the upcoming fall months (I know, sorry, I had to go there. Summer is only just beginning!). Another trend spotted among the Parisians is wearing shoes that are more suited for fall months.

Like this Fashionista, a pair of leather boots would be seen with a skirt or a dress, likewise suede lace up booties would be worn with a pair of shorts. The best thing about being in Paris is seeing styles people come up with. Never anything too flashy, Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike use what they have whether it’s in style or not for the moment, and create their own looks. It’s not always about the latest craze, it’s wearing what suits you.

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