FASHION FROM ABROAD: I Know I Can Be What I Wanna Be

The average college student is always running around from place to place, meeting to meeting, trying to make time for scholarly events as well as a social life (and hopefully sleep). We always have something to do, which barely leaves time to breathe. I'd like to think that my time management skills have definitely improved since I've been at BU, but I still forget things sometimes due to the fact that I'm such a busy girl. But I know I'm not the only one.

Same thing goes for the average Spanish student. Luckily, I've had the pleasure of encountering people that always take the time of day to look good, no matter what. A fellow Style Guru quoted Charles Hix appropriately when saying that, “Looking good isn't self-importance; it's self-respect.” I also believe that you shouldn't have to look good for other people; you should strive to look good because it makes you feel good. My friends and I always talk about the fact that confidence comes when you feel good about yourself — and you usually feel good about yourself when you take the time to look good. So why not wake up an extra ten minutes early and make them count by picking out the perfect outfit? It can improve your day a ton if you feel like you've put effort into the way you look. I know this because I've proved it to myself!

This Fashionista was so surprised that I found her to be fashionable. “Really? But this is what I've been wearing all day!” she said coyly. I think she looks adorable; she's wearing an outfit that's actually comfortable enough to be in all day and still looks fabulous even while her braid is coming undone (but looks like she did it on purpose). Seriously, I'm a huge fan of the messy braid. I think this Fashionista looks awesome despite the fact that she'd been running around nonstop all day. 

I love blazers because they can instantly dress up an outfit that is pretty plain, even if you're wearing jeans. They make your look business casual without trying too hard. I'm also a huge fan of her adorable geometric print pants — seriously, so awesome. Another business casual item on this Fashionista is her Tous portfolio. The design is super sleek and it's great for carrying around notebooks and lose papers in one place where they won't get wrinkled or lost. Don't lose sight of this Fashionista's awesome arm candy or her oversized necklace! The one thing any Fashionista on the go needs is a large cross-body bag. These are such lifesavers because they fit everything you need them to while still looking awesome and fashionable.

Though this Fashionista is certainly always on the run, she also looks fantastic!

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