I love being inspired. I find it in the cutest pair of shoes and in the best of songs. As a photographer, inspiration comes to me in the form of fleeting moments in my everyday life. And if I don't stop to take it in, it might just pass me by.

Today, this Fashionista was my inspiration; it was literally a scene out of a movie. I was walking down Gran Vía–known for its great retail therapy—and I turned to see this lovely girl owning the sidewalk like a model during New York Fashion Week. If you follow my column, you know that I'm a huge fan of leather on leather on leather. Since Spain is known for its wonderful handmade leather goods, I've fallen even more in love with them. And this Fashionista reminded me of it. Her sleek leather jacket matches almost perfectly with her adorable handbag! I'm not sure if she did this on purpose, but she looks fab anyway. I'm not a huge fan of faded denim, but this Fashionista makes me want a pair so badly. That's honestly one of the best ways to inspire others: make them want what you have. 

I also love her sunglasses. I know some people have a hard time finding the perfect pair of shades, but they key is to get a pair that don't only fit you right, but that you feel comfortable in. Don't get a pair that's too wide for your face because they'll make your head seem small and I'm not sure if there's exactly a time when that's a good thing. 

More than anything, remember to take risks and inspire yourself. Though we all like to impress others with how awesome we look, we need to impress ourselves first.