FASHION FROM ABROAD: Learn From Your Elders

If you have terrible, haunting memories of your grandparents wrapping you in layers of homemade crocheted scarves and sweaters every Christmas when you were younger, you probably won’t be entirely on board with this trend. However, the verdict is in for the rest of us: crocheted pieces are awesome.

I started to notice this trend during my past semester in London, but I have seen it expressed in a variety of ways here in Milan as well. Not only is it beautiful on its own in a well-constructed piece, but it’s a great option for layering in the summer heat.

This Fashionista’s look is the epitome of how elegant and beautiful the crochet trend can be, without looking like a dining room tablecloth at all! With the crocheting used on the neckline and sleeves, it makes a huge statement on a simple dress. The sleeves and shape of the dress float away from her thin frame beautifully without making her look boxy, and the fabric is light and flowy enough to keep her cool on such a molto caldo day in Milan.

Another trend this Fashionista is rocking that I have seen a lot here in Milan is wearing a chandelier earring in one ear only. It might sound like a strange idea at first, but it’s a perfect way to wear huge, statement earrings without overwhelming your face.

Hint: It’s easy to make this look your own, because crochet is beginning to appear in a variety of pieces. You can acquire it with this unique animal print top from Free People, or with a classic vest from J.Crew. For the Fashionista with her wallet on a tight leash, Delia's offers a cute summer crocheted dress. As for the earring look, Forever 21 is great for trendy, affordable pieces. The best part is that if you’re like me and lose your jewelry all the time, you have another earring as a backup!

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